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Staffing solutions regardless of assignment length and scope

ByggLove Bemanning AB offers flexible and sustainable staffing solutions for your construction projects. Regardless of the length and scope of the assignment. We are happy to help with staff for a short

filling in to cope with production peaks or temporary staff shortages due to illness or holidays, for example. If you are faced with the challenge of organising a team for all or part of your project, which will last for a longer period of time, please involve us early in your planning process to work out a team that meets the conditions and needs of the project.

Our employees

Our wood and concrete workers have several years of professional experience in a variety of construction projects, both domestically and abroad. A large group of them are specialists in large form, reinforcement and casting. They are dedicated to infrastructure projects as well as the construction of industrial buildings. The other large group consists of carpenters dedicated to interior and exterior carpentry work. Within this group, we also have distinct sub-groups based on the employees' areas of expertise.

Staffing solution where you need it

Our ambition is always to accompany our customers wherever they need help with staffing. Many times this means travelling from south to north and that doesn't scare us. We have an elaborate way of working that allows us to be flexible with location while handling projects in a high quality manner.

Welcome to contact Wille with a request for staff!